Thursday, March 09, 2006

21 Questions

1. Why does everything have to be such a struggle?
2. Why can't anything just work?
3. Why did this even start?
4. What is the point of this?
5. Why can't I be first choice?
6. Why am I not enough?
7. When is it my turn?
8. Why can't I be a better person?
9. What happened?
10. Why do I always ruin things?
11. Why am I never satisfied?
12. Why can't I be grateful?
13. Why can't I be like you?
14. Why is she sick?
15. Why is it her?
16. Why is it her, and not me?
17. Why isn't it working?
18. How much more time is there?
19. Why am I here?
20. Why does this keep happening?
21. What's wrong with me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. because without the sour, the sweet ain't as sweet
2. i wish i knew
3. because every end has a beginning
4. if you find out, let me know
5. you are to someone
6. (see above)
7. in due time
8. you shouldn't have to be
9. i fell down
10. sometimes you have to destroy something beautiful
11. (see #2)
12. because the shit of everyday can easily cloud your perspective
13. why can't i be like you?
14. (see #2)
15. why is it anyone?
16. don't say that
17. did you check the batteries?
18. at least 5 minutes
19. to enrich our lives with your writings
20. the past is destined to repeat itself
21. absolutely nothing

5:56 p.m.  

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