Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Remember what fun tasted like?

I sure as fuck do!

It tasted like a goddamn funnel cake! FOR BREAKFAST!

God bless you, IHOP. Bless you for finally - finally! - bringing the food of carnies to us, the everyday, non-carny folk who just want to eat some fucking fun for breakfast. (Is that too much to ask, Pancake House?)

However, here's the thing: although IHOP is an acronym for International House of Pancakes, here is a visual representation of where IHOPs are located:

Plus, to be fair, there are 12 IHOPS in B.C. I hate to say it, but I'm not sure how "international" this house of pancakes REALLY is. And frankly, if there's one thing that I DON'T need in my life right now, it's a restaurant that can't just tell the truth.

I'm sticking with Golden Griddle, because despite its lack of carnival-based foods, it would never lie to me. Although, having carnival-based foods would help. After all, carnivals don't do well just because of their ultra-modern, super safe rides.