Monday, August 07, 2006

Why My Dad Is Cool: Part 1 of a 238 Part Series

Does anyone remember this particular issue of The Globe and Mail?

Okay, me neither, but that's because I don't read that rag. However, my dad does, and last week his letter to the editor was published! He's famous! Here it is in all its glory:

We, the jury

Barrie, Ont. -- Marina Strauss (Feeling Trapped By Jury Duty -- July 26) should regard herself as lucky she was not eventually selected for jury duty.

Several years ago, I was chosen for jury duty on a murder trial. Two of the jurors were so stupid that they could not remember the most basic events reported during the trial. Eventually, 10 of us would no longer speak to the other two, who still insisted on a verdict of guilty of premeditated murder although the judge had removed this as an option at the start of the trial.

Since the jury eventually came to the proper verdict of manslaughter, I realize that the jury system worked. A more efficient way to do jury duty would be initial intelligence and memory testing; at least that would speed up the process of jury selection and the jury's final decision.

Ha ha! BURN! He totally burns everyone in this thing!

God damn, give this man an honorary degree or something! He's a hilarious AND a genius!